CMCJ proud to partner on research project with the Centre for Sustainable Curating


The Coalition of Museums for Climate Justice is proud to be a partner of this newly SSHRC-funded project titled Sharing Knowledge with Environmental Awareness at the Centre for Sustainable Curating

What does environmentally responsive research in the arts look like? Taking this question as a starting point, this SSHRC Connections grant brings together academics, artists, professionals working in the arts (with expertise in curating and museums), students, conservators, and environmental assessors to share research pertaining to the carbon footprint of exhibitions and arts-making, and to develop tools that can be used by others to lessen their own carbon footprints.

Organized by the new Centre for Sustainable Curating (CSC) at Western University, this project undertakes four different kinds of knowledge mobilization (Kmb): a mail exchange, online presentations and discussion, and a community exhibition, combined with a follow up research-creation project that we are calling “reciprocal exchanges.” These reciprocal exchanges are artwork multiples that amplify the research of the CSC and that will be distributed to participants/presenters in the grant and beyond as a way of building sustainable relations as part and parcel of environmentally responsive research. Each method of Kmb is designed to reach different audiences ranging from museum professionals to the public, and from undergraduate and graduate students to established academics. 

Importantly, each strategy of KMb will be subjected to an environmental assessment that calculates carbon impact and audience reached. Results of the KMb methods, conversations, and the environmental assessment will be assembled in an open-source online publication and series of resource guides that will be freely and widely distributed by the CSC.

Project dates: Spring 2022-Winter 1 2023 

Project leads: Kirsty Robertson, Amanda White, Zoë Heyn-Jones 

Participants: Frida Buhre, Suzanne Carte, Teresa Carlesimo, Eliza Chandler, Emilie Chhangur, Jade Doskow, Cal Flyn, Juliane Foronda, Viviane Gosselin, Devon Hardy, Robert Hengeveld, Emy Kim, Lisa Myers, Katie Lawson, Laura Levin, Caroline Longo, Dayna Obbema, Lillian O’Brien Davis, Anne Pasek, Caitlin Southwick, Michelle Wilson, Maya Wilson-Sanchez. 

Partners: Western University Department of Visual Arts, Coalition of Museums for Climate Justice